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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Steel Platforms
Aug 31, 2018

Modern steel structure platforms come in a variety of forms and functions. The largest feature of the structure is the fully assembled structure, flexible design, and can design and manufacture steel structure platforms that meet the site requirements, functional requirements and meet logistics requirements according to different site conditions. It is widely used in modern storage.

Today's social land is becoming more and more precious and increasingly scarce. How to place as much goods as possible in a limited space is a problem that many businesses consider. With the development of the times, the use of steel has become very common, and the structure based on steel production is one of the most important types of building structures. With its own characteristics, the steel structure will be the best in the world.

First, the characteristics of steel are high strength, light weight and high rigidity, so it is especially suitable for building large-span and super-high and super-heavy buildings;

Second, the material structure of the steel structure is good in homogeneity and isotropy. It is an ideal elastomer, which is in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics. It is an ideal building material for today.

Third, its material has good plasticity and toughness, and it can have large deformation, so it can withstand the dynamic load well. Many large buildings are mainly steel structures. The first door in the world today is located in Suzhou, which is dominated by steel structures.

Fourth, the construction period is short. A building of 300 square meters can be completed in just one month from construction to renovation in just five people and 30 working days. It can save money, save time, and save labor!