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Paper Tray Wonderful Honeycomb Structure
Aug 31, 2018


Wonderful Honeycomb Structure: The honeycomb structure originated from bionics. Scientists have observed that the hexagonal structure of honeycomb is like the organic chemical benzene ring structure. It is the most stable structure. After repeated experiments, a honeycomb composite was finally produced. This material was first used in high-tech fields such as aviation and aerospace. The protective layer of the rocket is honeycomb. Afterwards, it will be gradually promoted, and its raw materials can be used in platinum foil, plastic, kraft paper, and the like.


China is the fourth country to produce honeycomb composite paperboard after the United States, Japan and the Netherlands. Internationally, this new type of material has received increasing attention. From the point of view of material mechanics, the strength of the paper is not high, but the strength of the façade after standing up is 75 times higher than that of other aspects. If the paper is cured, the hardness of the façade of each layer of paper can be increased by several hundred times. These papers can be made into a special honeycomb structure of cardboard, which can make thousands of erected kraft papers Load weight. In this way, it is a reality to replace wood with paper and paper with steel. The cost, price and weight of paper products are much lower than wood and steel. From the perspective of environmental protection, paper has a wide range of sources and is a renewable resource. After natural degradation in nature, there is no problem of polluting the environment. Therefore, the widespread use of paper products is the most suitable for the times.