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  • Pallet Rack

    Pallet Rack

    Pallet rack is mainly consists of frame, box beam, which can be adjustable and suitable for forklift working, load capacity: 1000-4000kg/level.
  • Warehouse Rack

    Warehouse Rack

    Warehouse rack is the most common of all storage system for palletize goods, which efficiently save the space of the warehouse
  • Storage Rack

    Storage Rack

    Storage rack is designed to store pallet cargo. It enables you to make full use of the storage space.
  • Shuttle Rack

    Shuttle Rack

    Shuttle rack offers a new idea of handling and storage. Compared with normal racks, this system can fully use space, automatic shuttle bus, makes your system works more efficiency.
  • Drive in Rack

    Drive in Rack

    Drive in rack uses forklift to fetch goods. Space is more effectively used because the working passage for the truck and the storage space are combined together.
  • Tire Rack

    Tire Rack

    Tire rack is used for stacked storage of tires for heavy trucks, buses and farm machinery. It is equipped with four removable corner posts to reduce shipping costs and save space.
  • Stack Rack

    Stack Rack

    Stacking rack is ideal for the safe handling and storage of long length of any product including pipes, steel, timber, fabric, tires…
  • Cantiliver Rack

    Cantiliver Rack

    Cantilever rack is suitable for keeping materials of big, long size, such as pipes and shaped steel, lumber, etc
  • Mezzznine Rack

    Mezzznine Rack

    Mezzanine rack can be designed into multi floors with stair and elevator. This style is applicable for high store room, light weight commodity.
  • Mezznine Floor

    Mezznine Floor

    Mezzanine Floor is made of cold rolled special shaped steel, with safe and excellent loading capacity, create more usable space.
  • Steel Platform

    Steel Platform

    Steel platform is made up of post, main beam, sub-beam, floors, staircase, and frame protector. It can be assembled and no on-site welding.
  • Light Duty Steel Shelf

    Light Duty Steel Shelf

    Light duty steel shelf is used to store light items, usually, 4-5 levels, load capacity is 50-100kg/level, widely used in office, store, and other site.
  • Medium Duty Steel Shelf

    Medium Duty Steel Shelf

    Medium duty steel shelf is mainly consists of frame, step beam, steel panel. Suitable for handling by hand materials, load capacity is 300-800kg/level, size can be customized as your demands.
  • Standard Steel Pallet

    Standard Steel Pallet

    Steel Pallet is used for loading and unloading, moving and storing cargos, it can be equiped with
  • ASRS System

    ASRS System

    AS/RS is a complex automatic system, which consists of normal racks, laneway stackers, pallet conveying system, bar code reading system of size detection, telecom system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system.
  • Cable Rack

    Cable Rack

    Cable rack is used for store many size and types of cables, it can be customized